Monday, June 27, 2005

Keeping yourself regular

I don't know how all these bloggers have time to type and still live. Meanwhile, as I haven't been typing I've been busy learning Spring using the Rod Johnson book about J2EE Programming without EJB. He is a pretty smart guy, and is quite iconoclastic toward EJB. However, some of his statements smack of OO fanaticism which is ironic. The man who can spot the lip-service when it comes to EJB seems to still buy the snake oil when it comes to OO - wholesale. Not that I think OO is a bad thing, but I think his praise is way too exhuberant.

I've managed to convince management that we should move a large chunk of our app to AIX. This is because I still don't see that Linux offers the option of a large SMP processor with a shared filesystem. Others will argue, but I am just not convinced that it is mature enough technology to bet your business. We'll see if this turns out to be my downfall.


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