Sunday, February 10, 2008


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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

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Saturday, March 04, 2006


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Monday, June 27, 2005

Keeping yourself regular

I don't know how all these bloggers have time to type and still live. Meanwhile, as I haven't been typing I've been busy learning Spring using the Rod Johnson book about J2EE Programming without EJB. He is a pretty smart guy, and is quite iconoclastic toward EJB. However, some of his statements smack of OO fanaticism which is ironic. The man who can spot the lip-service when it comes to EJB seems to still buy the snake oil when it comes to OO - wholesale. Not that I think OO is a bad thing, but I think his praise is way too exhuberant.

I've managed to convince management that we should move a large chunk of our app to AIX. This is because I still don't see that Linux offers the option of a large SMP processor with a shared filesystem. Others will argue, but I am just not convinced that it is mature enough technology to bet your business. We'll see if this turns out to be my downfall.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Servlets, JSPs, and RSS, oh my!

I've been dabbling in a lot of stuff lately... I installed WSAD on the old laptop, along with a DB2 Express and I've been playing with Servlets and JSPs. I don't plan to get into web based apps, which is what it seems that everyone and their brother is doing with the technology. I am interested in using the Websphere infrastructure for a generic app server using HTTP as the communication protocol.

Why is this something to explore? Well, you get database connection pooling, concurrency and multi-threading support, failover and load balancing. In short a ton of characteristics needed for a full blown app server. What a waste to only use it for generating HTML. So right now I drive the servlets with a java client which sends the data with an HTTP POST.

First impressions of Websphere - a ton of things that are configurable. Lots of knobs to turn and tweak. I am trying to take it step by step. Of course I haven't used any competitors other than Tomcat, but I am not sure that I would call Tomcat a competitor.

Lastly, took some time into setting up a RSS aggregator - I decided on Bloglines since it is web based and pretty popular. Of course you can feed off my blog from

I will have to figure out how to put a RSS button on the web page later.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Well something is working...

We had another test and this is much better. We peaked at 3.25MM recs/hour. Not too shabby. Still haven't looked at the mountain of data. I feel like a guy at NASA going through the Mars rover data (Thanks for the analogy, Dan L)

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Website is up in full glory

It took some work, but something non-embarrassing is now up on Now that I have somthing there, I need to redouble my efforts to get myself noticed.

Meanwhile, back in the lab... We were doing a full load test last week and the results were disasterous. The DASD is totally not performing. What's up with that? The vendors will be in next week. However, the new CIO wants this thing in this year, no matter what. So it should prove an interesting month.

This week, I will kick off a trial of the Uni-SPF product. This makes Linux look like a mainframe, and since most of our testers are mainframe people, this should make their life a lot easier, rather than learning vi.

Also, this week will try to get the new 2.6 linux kernel tested with our code to see if it makes any improvements.

Finally, need to take a look at the data we were processing during the huge test last week to see if it can be causing the huge performance problems.