Saturday, March 26, 2005

Website is up in full glory

It took some work, but something non-embarrassing is now up on Now that I have somthing there, I need to redouble my efforts to get myself noticed.

Meanwhile, back in the lab... We were doing a full load test last week and the results were disasterous. The DASD is totally not performing. What's up with that? The vendors will be in next week. However, the new CIO wants this thing in this year, no matter what. So it should prove an interesting month.

This week, I will kick off a trial of the Uni-SPF product. This makes Linux look like a mainframe, and since most of our testers are mainframe people, this should make their life a lot easier, rather than learning vi.

Also, this week will try to get the new 2.6 linux kernel tested with our code to see if it makes any improvements.

Finally, need to take a look at the data we were processing during the huge test last week to see if it can be causing the huge performance problems.


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