Thursday, February 17, 2005

I am turning into Holden Caulfield, also - the day of the big test.

I can't stand phonies. Although I haven't started wondering what happens to the ducks. The best remedy for dealing with project bullshit is seeing technology work. Got the eight monitor war room display configured and it looks pretty cool. Yesterday we scheduled the first in a series of tests to start testing our architecture. It was a dismal failure. It appears there is a hardware/firmware problem on one of the disk packs. Response time for I/Os was in hundreds of milliseconds. The vendor was in running diagnostics the whole day - no luck. Today we decided to move the database off the bad packs. Took about 4 hours, not bad for a 4 TB database. Then started the test again. Seems like it is working. We had about 32 streams hitting hard against the database. No locking problems that were evident. Tomorrow we'll start gathering the stats on throughput and scaling.

I have to stop reading but for some reason it is addictive. This guy from posts there all the time. After looking into another product - Prevayler -( I just about gave on on finding Java people that know anything about real transaction processing systems. But the guys from Tangosol had me pleasantly surprised. Even talked about read-locks and transaction isolation levels. Don't really see how I could use this on my current project, but I'll keep them in mind.


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