Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Website is almost up

At http://www.istekonline.com

I don't have a link from the main page yet, but at least I am making some progress. I think I am going to resurrect my old copy of VisualPage and use that to edit my website. The doing it by hand method is ridiculous.

BTW, the whole HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc... technology for building GUI's is total bullshit. This is the worst collection of hacks and garbage design I have ever encountered. Just find a nice website and do a View Source in your browser. HTML is meant for text!!!

Some day, all these people will wake up and say, "Oh my G-d! What were we thinking?", and I will be vindicated!

Meanwhile, I guess I better sharpen up my HTML coding skills so I don't look like a total embarassment when I put up my website.


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