Monday, March 21, 2005

Approaching the speed of light

I must be accelerating because time is slowing down. I still haven't updated my website with all the things I promised I'd do. Right now I am trying to find a web site creator package to make this a little simpler...

Last week we had a external design review with some guys from Big Blue to get their take on our architecture and whether it can scale. Got glowing reviews, so that is a feather in our caps. Took a lot of time to get ready for it though.

Trying to update our capacity model with the latest numbers. Also trying to cross validate the capacity model by building another one which is estimating from a different direction. The original model I designed was based on looking at per transaction costs and extrapolating, plus some % overhead of OS and monitors, etc... I want to cross validate by looking at overall machine utilization and dividing by number of records processed. By reconciling the two models we should find out if we are overestimating or underestimating the various overhead we put into the first model.


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