Thursday, February 24, 2005

Why don't I buy tech books anymore?

Somehow I stumbled on a reference to this book on architecture by Eric Evans. The table of contents looked like this guy may have had something good to say and the reviews on Amazon were favorable, including one by this guy Brad Appleton who lives in Chicago and I think is a really sharp guy. I actually interviewed him once for a project, but he didn't take the offer.

Anyhow, before spending beaucoup bucks on this book, I decided to check it out at the local Barnes and Noble (where it was $50 instead of $34 on Amazon). After about 15 minutes of browsing through this book, I have mixed feelings. The content is good, but I feel like he doesn't really get into the details of a lot of serious stuff like app partitioning and packaging. Of course I haven't seen a book yet that does a better job. Maybe this is so hard that no one has a good answer how to do it. Maybe it is just not something that sells books. The long and short of it, I passed on the book. Although I liked the Kandinsky on the cover and the little intros and segues. It reminds me of the school textbooks my dad had in the Soviet Union. They always gave you a little historical context about whatever math or science topic they introduced. So that you learned a little about Pythagoras and Archimedes instead of just studying triangles or water displacement.


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